Our Philosophy

Dentures can be made using numerous techniques. This can be governed by the individual patients specific requirements and desires, which can be identified by certain criteria, for example, asking a number of leading questions can direct us to the best possible outcome for you.


Do you like your current dentures?
Have they been comfortable?
Do you like your smile?
Do you enjoy eating?

If the answer is no to more than one question, then we need to address the cause of the dissatisfaction using our advanced experience and technical skills to create the perfect conventional style denture for you.

If you answer yes to the majority of the questions, and you require minimal changes, then a copy denture technique may be used restoring the fitting and occlusal changes which have occurred over the years by tracing the tooth alignment and creating a beautiful new set of dentures, perfectly restored to how your old set began life.

The mix of patient & technician collaboration is the way forward to achieving excellent results.

We pride ourselves on giving the patient more choices, and endeavor to help them understand the procedures involved.

We have found that involving the patient in the decision-making process leads to success. This also gives the patient more confidence in the outcome; we have achieved outstanding results using this process.

Our elite team has solved many ‘problematic denture’ cases.

Problems with dentures can be easily avoided by providing you with the correct information from the offset.

At Smile on the Square, we offer a wide range of services, from the smallest of adjustments, to constructing a beautiful new smile.

We offer a free consultation with no obligation.

With all new dentures made by ourselves you will receive a free oral screening, therefore placing you at the perfect start to maintaining your mouth and dentures to the maximum.