What Our Customers Are Saying

Amanda, It’s impossible to put into words the difference you have made to my life.  I will be grateful to you every day for the rest of my life R x
To Nick and the wonderful team at Smile on the Square, I would like to thank you for making my lovely new teeth in such a short amount of time especially with my difficult mouth and jaw and having recently had extractions.  This is my first time wearing dentures and I really appreciate the time and work put in to make my dentures fabulous.  Much appreciation to Nick, Amanda, Shirley and Linsey – great team.  You have made me so happy I can go on holiday on my cruise with a big Smile 😀  Nick you are such a hard working fabulous person, I can’t thank you enough.  Love from Caroline x P.s I love my new gold pen.  Enjoy the Quality Streets.  
To All Staff, James was a client a few moths ago.  I accompanied him on his appointments.  Your friendliness and personal service is exceptional – A big big thank you. From  Jim and Carol
5 out of 5 . Good so far & thank you girls for your patience.  Also it looks nice & I can eat with it & I also don’t need denture glue. Fiona
What a great cheerful team you are.  Especially thank you to Nick for having patience and making me calm.  It has taken me years to find the courage to replace my past dentures.  So happy with them.  Thanks, Lorraine
After wasting £250 at my previous dentist (who didn’t care that the denture didn’t fit properly) I went here and got fabulous fitting denture.
Just been back for 2 teeth out and addition to denture. Nik was so patient as the extractions took a while. Denture fits perfect. Judith
I went to see the dentist yesterday to have my teeth out, the dentist and the nurse were amazing I was so pleased I chose smile on the square.  then I went to see  the man who is going to make my denture he was amazing  kind and did not rush me Thank you every one at smile on the square. JW
Just beginning my journey, but a big thanks to smile on the square team,  for being the very best at what they do, and most importantly, being honest from the start.
This is my 2nd dentist, I did my research after finding a money grabbing implant specialist in Leeds, who any care about making £34,000.
I’ve had my consultation and now a dental impression. All went smoothly.
I am a bit nervous about my extractions, but they have given me a confidence boost.
There website is detailed, and to me it reaches out to your heart. I’m so glad, I picked Smile on the Square,  and will update you on my progress.
So glad I have found a practice, that follows old school Christian values of giving the very best of themselves.
Amanda and colleagues -Thank you so much for your kindness and patience.  You’ve definitely put a smile back on my face. Thank you all so much. Tina x
Second time this amazing team have come to my rescue.! Absolutely brilliant same day service. Thank you so very much. Hilary
Thank you everyone at Smile on the Square for your warm welcome, smiley faces, and always finding time for a chat and a laugh.  An extra thank you for Nick who worked so hard to sort everything out.  Take care, love Patricia
Coming to Smile on the Square was the best thing I ever did – and I say it every time I pass.  I should have done it years ago.  Ray
My dentures are excellent thanks to the team for their professional and caring treatment
Robert J
I have used Shipley dental services for a number of years now in connection to losing a tooth on my dentures which are fixed to implants. 
I recently had all the top set dentures replaced and strengthened
which I was quite nervous about however I needn’t have worried the procedure was professional friendly and I ended up with a beautiful top denture. The price was very reasonable and the service excellent. 
I would highly recommend their service and would definitely not go anywhere else. There is also now a dentist 
joined the practice which is ideal for check up and other work required.
Thank you so much. 
My dental work is  superb, thanks to Nick and the great team at Smile on the Square. Everyone is treated as an individual and always treated with the utmost respect. We are so lucky to have this facility in Shipley, I would not have found better in Harley Street trust me I have been there, Nick is the best, the most knowledgeable and the most unassuming. Amanda and all the team are great, we might be a small town but we’ve got the best here.
Sue C

Well here’s a card to express my gratitude for my new smile.  Your whole teams’ professionalism and excellent customer service has been exemplary.  Thank you Mark

Very prompt to ring me back. They booked me in the next day and treatment has already started, excellent service. It was so nice and pleasant. Kevin

A big thank you to Amanda who quite literally saved my Christmas from being a total disaster. Many thanks. David A

Can I smile now? You Bet!
Thanks to a new top plate.
What to say? All the greatest words in life acclaim to my delight.
What to do? Everything and everything now that my life is anew. Now I aim to live it like my life as just begun.
All my thanks to Amanda who gave me back my smile and thank you to Nick and the in-house team.
My sister recommended me to the clinic and it’s the best thing I’ve ever done after suffering from a previous dentist for 6 years or more.
If anyone out there is suffering as I suffered, don’t be scared. It doesn’t hurt and in the end, you will be free to smile.  Shirley

My teeth are GREAT!! Thanks for your care, and attention to detail. Molly.

I am writing to thank you so much for the upper denture you did for me in June. It has changed my life for the better! Thank you both again, Lorna

Thank you for your expertise and attention given to me when you did a re-fit of my top denture. I am coping very well- they are very comfortable and I can now LAUGH OUT LOUD!! (So grateful – you have restored my confidence) Regards, Margret.

Just to say thank you both so much, new denture has given me confidence! I smile now. Alex.

Thank you so much Nick and Amanda, for all your care & work. A big smile from M.B

I would like to thank you both, and my teeth have settled down, and a friend said I didn’t know you had false teeth, they’re so good. Best wishes Joyce.

Dear Nick, I’m so pleased with my dentures, they are so well made & comfortable, I’m managing the lower lower set very well &  managed to eat with them in! Kind regards, Patricia

Thanks are long overdue , but just want to say my relines have been a great success. Mrs Flett

Thank you both for giving me my smile back – PAT

Dear NICK  – Just a little card to thank you and your staff for the kind consideration I have received at all times on my visits to your establishment for dental treatment in with the procedures of making my new dentures and advice thereafter. I shall continue to be in touch as may be appropriate for future maintenance and advice regarding my dentures. Barbara P

NICK AND AMANDA – I am absolutely delighted with my teeth.  – JENNIFER .

Dear NICK – I am writing to thank you very much for my consultation with you on Tuesday. What you did for me and my denture was really marvelous. The denture is feeling comfortable at last. I had   been putting Fixadent in, tonight I have eaten chicken breast comfortably. Best wishes JOAN H

Thanks so much for giving me back my smile.!  Best wishes, I McDonald.

Thank you so much for making me smile again.  – xx

Dear MR PEACOCK – Thank you so very much for making me a set of dentures that are comfortable  and look natural, and have had  no problem at all. They are BRILLIANT. I shall recommend you to everyone. Best wishes Sheila.

What can I say. What I will say I will say with a great big smile. I cannot thank Amanda enough for what she has done for me. Superb dentures plus excellent service equals complete satisfaction. I can recommend this establishment to everyone. Best wishes, John B.

Dear Amanda Benson, thank you so much for the professional care I received on Monday 9th March. On Sunday 8th March my top denture broke in two places. I was horrified and searched through yellow pages for  you. At 9 am I rang your company and straight away I was reassured, and invited to attend your premises that same morning, as a result of my visit I was able to have my denture repaired in the space of 1/2 hour and it is now perfect again and I feel you given me back my life! I cannot thank you enough and will definitely recommend your practice to all my friends. Your’s Mrs. Young.

My Dentist recommended you.
I’m so glad that I took her advice.
My first time wearing (upper) dentures and I’m delighted with the result.
Many Thank’s Nick .

Hi Amanda. My new dentures are the best ever. Really pleased with them. Thank you Jennifer.

A big “thank you” to Amanda for her personal attention to my request for new dentures. I feel much more confident with my new smile and the fit is amazing. She is one clever lady.
I cannot recommend Smile on the Square enough. The service and personal care is wonderful.

Dear Nick,
I just wanted to say thank you very much for the dentures that you did for me in September. I have had many compliments on the quality and family and friends who couldn’t believe they were not my own teeth. I am very pleased with the professional service that I received and the end result. I am now walking around with a big smile on my face and would definitely recommend your services. Thank you again, Bob

I had treatment today and could not be happier with the service l received.l was extremely impressed with their quality of care. All the staff were very friendly and caring and made me feel very much at ease as having dentures can be quite a daunting experience.
I would like to thank Nick for all the hard work and long hours in creating a denture in record time and for helping me through this difficult period. EO

To Amanda
Thank you for once again sorting out my denture problem.
The addition is perfect, no problems at all, as with my dentures which you made last year.
I recommend Amanda to everyone, she is superb.
Pauline H.

22/11/2017 – lovely people very professional I have to go back to see how am doing but my dentures are fine I have my smile back many thanks

26/11/2017 – Nick and Amanda are at the top of my list of amazing talented people,Nick has so much dental knowledge but is always listens to his patient.My need was for not only a well fitting temporary denture after a difficult extraction,but as I do some acting work it needed to be as natural looking as possible, my result was superb on all aspects I consider this work to be as good as anything I have ever seen in a denture and I would not fail to recommend this practice to anyone FAB FAB FAB !!!!!

11/02/2018 – I recently had my ill fitting dentures relined and I cannot explain how pleased I am.The service provided and the care taken to make sure they fitted properly was excellent. Thank you very much indeed.

23-08-18- Fantastic service, beautiful dentures made which my N.H.S. dentists said I would never be able to wear. Big thank you to Amanda for making me able to smile again and for all the team who were very nice and friendly. Joan.

4/9/2018- I am an 88 year old male and have had a 10 teeth chrome denture made & fitted, with a lot of care and consideration. The finished product is very comfortable and cosmetically pleasing. I would have no hesitation in recommending this practice to anyone who is looking for a superior & competent dental practice. Great job.
Thank you Nick, Amanda and all staff.

Richard Walsh  recommends Smile on the Square.
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amazing professional outfit could not speak more highly of a great team from front of house all the way through big thumbs up from someone who avoids the dentist like the plague thank you and happy new year guys