Denture Options

Many patients are unaware there are alternative options and have only ever experienced “plastic dentures”.

At Smile on the Square we offer a wide range of services using many different materials and technologies.


Many patients struggle to wear dentures due to their poor physical anatomy, which dentures alone may not overcome, this can create problems with denture stability and function, implants can be used to eliminate these problems by securing the denture to the gums.

Implants are titanium-structured posts, which are surgically implanted into the jaws. This can be done as a single tooth, or on structures, which hold dentures in position. Implants create a bite comparable to your own natural teeth, and restored chewing ability with greater enjoyment of food, there are no pressure points, sore spots and no more dentures tilting when eating. Many patients find this option life changing.

Our leading dentist Dr Chris Siddons at The Burley Dental suite, will provide you with a full implant consultation, where you can discuss all the available options.

Chrome & Titanium Plates

Metal plates are an excellent choice for a denture wearer, not only are they up to 10x thinner than acrylic but they are ultimately stronger, which results in minimised volume of space. Heat & cold are instantly transferred, giving a natural sensation, often masked with acrylic plates. Some patients even report increase in taste. Metal plates have no shrinkage in processing, therefore fit more accurately.

Ivobase Biocompatible Injection Moulding

When dentures are made using the Ivobase, (Ivoclar) processing machine, optimal fit and conformity is achieved. The resulting density of the finished product means increased flexible strength and bio – compatibility.

Flexible partial dentures

Partial dentures made in thermal plastics are injection molded for better fit, and the clasping system is incorporated within the denture itself, giving maximum retention.

This remarkable material is a revelation to the dental industry for our dentate patients. Flexibility means that we can create a denture that can flex into the very undercuts of your natural teeth without any damage to the tooth, unlike the alternative metal clasping system, these dentures are tooth friendly and almost invisible to the eye. A great alternative to acrylics when retention and secure fitting are required. Unlike hard acrylics this material is soft and pliable to the touch, yet still has remarkable strength that exceeds all acrylic and even metal materials.

If you are a patient that struggles with a partial denture, maybe you have tried metal clasps but find them harsh to your remaining teeth, or maybe your denture simply does not fit well, this product is perfect for you.

1. • Tooth friendly
2. • More stain resistant than most flexible acrylics
3. • Has the perfect degree of flexibility
4. • Will not warp or become brittle
5. • Aesthetically superior, removable partial with full functionality and comfort
6. • Ideal for patients considering a removable partial
7. • Perfect for patients that are allergic to monomer
8. • Optimum fit due to best undercut clasping situations

Vivoperl effect. SPE.

Vivoperl SPE teeth are made of cross-linked, dual-layered acrylic, which is harder wearing, therefore  longer lasting than standard acrylic teeth. The aesthetics are of a high standard with good inner colour depth, and translucent tips. The denture base itself is made from a high impact acrylic this is a great choice for denture strength.


Phonares are ranges of specially created moulds of teeth to suit all ages and individual requirements. This is  a specially formulated material of hybrid composite which is used for the ultimate in lasting dental technology, and elite aesthetics with Ivobase hi impact denture base and nexco gingival staining for natural gum tone.

Discover a new level of natural beauty and vibrancy.

Fully functional impressions are taken, and the Ivobase injection system is used to process; this biofunctional prosthetic technology is the procedure in which the denture itself is processed.

As the denture is pressure injected, there can be no shrinkage unlike the standard process. This results in optimum fit and improved biocompatibility, also making the material itself a much higher density and therefore stopping any bacterial build up within the denture itself. This technology also improves the strength of the denture. Digital cameras can be used to help any aesthetic improvements that are required. We also incorporate the latest technology for achieving a more effective occlusal relationship, and full jaw relationship measurements are taken to further improve your natural occlusion.