Denture Options

Many patients are unaware there are alternative options and have only ever experienced “plastic dentures”.

At Smile on the Square we offer a wide range of services using many different materials and technologies.

Implant Retained Dentures

This intricate process secures the denture’s position on a titanium structure implanted within the jaw. This is an ideal solution for patients with particularly flat arches. Implants create a bite comparable with your own natural teeth, and restore chewing ability. There are no pressure points, sore spots and no more dentures tilting when eating. Many patients find this option life changing.

Hybrid Cobalt Dentures

Combining Cobalt Chrome plates with high end, injection moulded thermoplastics, we simultaneously engineer elegant and slender results, whilst delivering superior density, flexible strength and bio-compatibility.

Flexible Clasps

A unique and gentle clasping system, where flexible, translucent clasps provide ‘Retention’ and ‘Reciprocation’ that blend in naturally with gingiva (your gums).

Colour Tones

This beautiful handcrafted technique simulates the all-important gum work on your denture, achieving a stunningly natural finish.

Vivoperl effect. SPE.

Vivoperl SPE teeth are made of cross-linked, dual-layered acrylic, which is harder wearing, therefore longer lasting than standard acrylic teeth. The aesthetics are of a high standard with good inner colour depth, and translucent tips. The denture base itself is made from a high impact acrylic this is a great choice for denture strength.


Phonares are specially created moulds of teeth. The tooth moulds are shaped according to age-specific characteristics, allowing the fabrication of highly individualised dentures. Phonares are a 4 layer tooth, made from a highly durable nano-hybrid composite material which offers wear resistance far superior to standard acrylic denture teeth.

Discover a new level of natural beauty and vibrancy!